Increase Your Bookings: 3 Tips for Talking with Meeting Planners

You’ve made up your mind…you are going to become a professional speaker. You have nailed down your expertise, now how do you go about getting yourself up on that stage. We are here to help you out by giving you some tips on best practices for getting meeting planners to hire you.

talking to meeting planner

  • Do your research • Make sure you know what the meeting planner is looking for and what they are trying to accomplish with this event. Is it Motivation? Is it for Business Growth? How can you fill this need? Let them know that you can take care of their audience, and make sure your proposal shows them you are just what they are looking for.
  • Is this really the fit for you? • When you are looking at a conference you would like to speak for, make sure you are suited to speak for this event. Your presentation needs to be tailored to fit the goals for the audience.
  • Have a solid demo video • Humans are a visual species—yes, this includes meeting planners. Unless you have people they know saying how amazing a speaker you are, they will need visual proof. Your demo video should include clips of you speaking in front of a crowd to see how you interact and keep the audience’s attention.

Remember, meeting planners are working hard to make their events great for their audiences. Keep in mind what they are looking for, if you can be the solution and always have your demo video ready to send so they can see you in action. Follow these steps to help you book more speaking engagements to grow your speaking business.

What do you think? What tips do you have to help fellow speakers when it comes to meeting planners? We would love to hear what you have to say below!

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