Becoming a Meeting Planner Pleaser

Ask any professional speaker and they’ll tell you that getting booked can be difficult, but continually getting booked can prove to be even more difficult.  We all know creating a residual revenue
stream is a crucial part of crafting a full time career in the speaking business, but how is it done?

While there are many answers to that question, one that I have found to be powerful over the years, is to become a Planner Pleaser.  That is, someone that does everything in his/her power to please the planner of the many events that take place throughout the year.

Event planners are part of a small community and tend to know each other.  Therefore, one of your best marketing strategies can be to stand out to a planner, be their favorite.  If you are a delight to work with, they are likely to refer you to another.   Likewise if you disappoint them.  So the trick is to become a Planner Pleaser. 

So how do you become a Planner Pleaser?  Here are a few tricks that have worked for me over the years.

  1. Promote the event: Helping a meeting planner promote their event is one of the easiest ways to help out. Everything you need has been made readily available by the planner, now all you have to do is find the best method of delivery.  Create a video and share it on Youtube or Facebook, tweet some exciting details about the event, email friends and colleagues that may be interested in the event, etc. Make sure not to highlight yourself, highlight the event.  You and I are just the people that deliver a message.  But the whole purpose is to get people to go to the event.
  1. Don’t Be a Diva: Remember that you are one small cog in the machine.  While you may be a large benefactor to the event, you are not the single most important person there, so don’t act like it.  The event planner has 100 other people to delegate and trust me when I say that they don’t need a “diva” complicating their processes.
  1. Over-Communicate: Always make sure you know exactly what is expected of you.  Every planner is different and therefore, has different expectations.  Make sure to address questions such as; what should I do if start time is delayed, should I speak the full time or end at the scheduled time?  How early should I be to the event?  What will be available to help present my material? Etc. Meeting and exceeding a planner’s expectations is a surefire way to become a Planner Pleaser.
  1. Get Feedback: Once an event comes to a close, make sure to contact the planner and ask them to provide feedback.  Getting feedback is great way to learn how to impress future event planners.  How will you know if you pleased a planner if you don’t ask for their feedback?

Becoming a Planner Pleaser is a great way to get yourself booked continually.  It isn’t hard work.  All you have to do is keep on the lookout for ways to WOW your next event planner.  Help them promote the event, try being a delight to work with, make sure to know exactly what is expected of you, and always get feedback so that you can continue to improve!

How do you stay top of mind with meeting planners?  What do you think is the most important tip we’ve discussed in this article? We love feedback, please comment below!

Ford Saeks     Professional Speaking, Social Media & Blogging.

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