Dress your Way to Stage Success With Bella Verita at GPTS2

bella verita dress for stage successWhat you need to know about how your image impacts your audience.

Texas-raised Bella Verita understands the powerful results that image transformation can produce. She grew from a six-figure income earner at a leading network marketing company to a top earning commercial real estate agent, and finally to launching her own image consulting firm, Image Empowering.

Ms. Verita will be at Get Paid to Speak 2 to help speakers connect to their audience through image, because she’s passionate that it’s vital to a thriving speaking career that a presenter portrays a distinct compelling image while exhibiting unique personal style.

When you step to the stage an audience will determine your credibility within three seconds based on a first impression. This first impression will establish the value your audience places on you. The significance they place on you in three seconds will ascertain whether or not your audience will invest in listening to you and purchase your product.

Style Psychology teaches you how to manage first impressing through our Style Psychology system. Our training sessions provide practical skills and innovative style expertise to communicate a strong persuasive message through image.

What Key Points Will Ms. Verita Cover?

  • get-paid-to-speak-promoHow to manage first impressions
  • How to have the style that is right for your message
  • How to have a persuasive image that will get you results
  • The Psychology of color and your audience
  • The Psychology of style for the stage
  • How to increase your rates with the right style
  • How to have style confidence in the way you look

So if you want to leverage your image to make more, speak more, sell more, achieve more, and do more than you ever thought possible, invest in a live seat, VIP seat, or virtual seat at Get Paid to Speak 2 in Las Vegas, November 8-9th. So what are YOU waiting for? Don’t lose another day. We intentionally limit our event size to guarantee the best learning experience for you, so register now.

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