Following Up and Following Through after a Conference


This past weekend I was in Las Vegas presenting at the Lady and the Champs conference alongside some of the nation’s leading speaking experts. The presentations were astounding, the crowd was phenomenal, and it was an information-packed event that encouraged emerging speakers to think outside of the box and push their speaking career to the next level. To say the least this conference supported attendees as they broke personal barriers, pushed boundaries, and took a fresh perspective on their speaking career.

Often after attending an information-rich conference you may find yourself chalked full great ideas but soon realize that you don’t know where to start; or that the hectic life you left behind for a few days has caught up to you and you start to lose momentum . To ensure that you proceed full steam ahead with the goals that you set forth at the conference we want to share a list that will help you follow up and follow through to keep you on track.

  1. Follow up with Connections. You networked, you laughed, and you shared ideas alongside your peers in an intensive environment. Following up with your connections is the first step to staying on track after a conference. If you network properly, these connections can be some of your biggest supporters in helping you achieve the goals you set at the event. Be sure to drop them a sincere note and keep in touch.
  2. Follow up with Testimonials. Don’t forget about the presenters that made a lasting impression on you. Send a testimonial to them to let them know what you liked about their presentation, what resonated with you, and how you plan to implement their advice.
  3. Follow through with personal development. Join networking groups, attend industry specific events, log into webinars covering subject material you are unfamiliar with, read books and blogs pertaining to your message, ect.

These steps will keep your inspiration going once you return to the chaos of the real world. Be an active participant in achieving your goals and building on your skill set, specifically as a speaker, by joining the Get Paid to Speak community. You will get instant access to a video library, training materials, step by step guides, and live webinars with real-time feedback on industry tips, trends, and tricks from two of your Champs, Darren LaCroix and myself. See you there!

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