Speaking Income: Want Multiple Streams? Check out Get Paid to Speak 2

gpts2How serious are you about your speaking business? Have you reached a point where you’re not exactly sure where to put your time, energy, and effort to get to that next level? To get more streams of speaking income flowing to you?

Well, that’s exactly why you should join us at Get Paid to Speak 2, it’s all about you, for Multiple Streams of Speaking Income, where we’re going to meet you where you’re at. We’re going to take inventory of your website, of your brand, and help you get to that next level.

This is different, this is like nothing we’ve ever done before, where we do hands on work with you. If you’re like me, when I go to a seminar, I always come back with a list of things to do. I’m excited, I’ve got these new ideas, and yet I never seem to sit down and get them done.

That’s why this is different. This is three days where we’re going to have you actually do the work that literally moves your business forward while you’re at the event. But what will we cover? That’s a great question. We don’t know. Because it’s about you and meeting you where you’re at.

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What Will We Cover about Multiple Streams of Speaking Income?

  • Digital product vs. physical product. Which is better at this point in time for your speaking income? It’s different than it was a year ago. But should you get rid of physical product? The answer might surprise you. And it also depends on your market. Each market is different.
  • List building. The list is your most valuable asset. We’re going to teach you to build your list, touch your list, and ask your list what else do they want from you. We’re going to look at content generating free list builders.
  • Shopping cart. Yes, you need one, and we’ll show you specifically how to use it to build your speaking income.
  • Branding. What’s your brand? I have transformed my business personally this year because of learning from branding experts. I do things differently.
  • The power of a CRM. If you don’t know what that means, you should definitely join us. CRM is the most powerful part of my business. Not only understanding what it is but how to leverage it for more potential speaking income.
  • Writing articles. For example, one of our business partners will be there—Russell, from PRPR. He’s going to give us an outline and we’re literally going to write an article together. I’ll write one, you’ll write one, and we’ll debrief and take a look at how we can make them better.
  • Questions answered by experts. We’ll also have some of our other partners there that we spend money with so that you can ask specific questions on how to use their tools to help build your speaking income.

You’re going to learn exactly how our businesses are changing. You see, ten years ago there was a business model where you could speak for a fee and that was enough. You could survive on that, even thrive. That model is dead. So what do you do now? If you’re not sure exactly where to put your time, energy, and effort to take your business and get more business streams of income flowing to you, join us for Get Paid to Speak 2, where it’s all about you.

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