What Goes Into a Media Kit?

Here are the Main Components of a Media Kit

Media Kit1. Your benefit hooks, story angles, headlines for your pitch

2. Your contact information, with name, email, website, and mailing address

3. Depending upon the medium, you can include sample Intros and possible “talking-points” or actual suggested questions. Keep in mind, that they may totally ignore them and ask you whatever they want.

4. Your short Bio or Byline.

5. Links to digital assets, like video b-roll, photos & Images, additional text.  This can be the media and news page of your website like this, Ford Saeks Media Kit

6. There are plenty of templates, just search google for “media kit templates” or “media release templates”

I suggest that you research the media company first to be familiar with what type of guests they use. Do they publish guest blog posts, need videos or audio? Get familiar with their style, tone and format. Remember, if they are going to interview you, you’re their to help add value to their viewers, listeners or readers, not to promote your products or services. ┬áKeep a database of your media contacts and be prepared to get bumped, so if they promise you an interview time, and it gets cancelled or reschedule, you still want to send a thank you card and keep the relationship lines of communication open.

When it comes to media, the real benefit is not just when the piece airs or is printed, but in your re-use of it as “social proof” to build trust and credibility with your prospects.



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